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Smartphone Apps for Interns- Food

A few must have’s for all you savvy grocery shoppers and foodies, this stuff will help you find the best eats and deals while making your life that much easier.

Foursquare is quickly gaining users and more and more businesses are beginning to offer “Mayors” rewards for their loyalty. If a store doesn’t already have a program in place, consider explaining the service to them andconvincing them to start something up. Typical offers include percent discounts and free items now and again.

Yelp is great for finding out the specialties and prices of local grocers. Especially useful for big metropolitan cities, but also good for average sized cities, it’s the quickest way to inform yourself about the best food at your local grocery stores.

Card Bank is a cool utility for smart phone users that lets you put all your shopping rewards cards on your phone by entering your account number. Instead of carrying around a fat bundle of cards, the cashier can simply scan the barcode displayed on your phone.


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