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Don’t let procrastination keep you down

I can’t tell you how many times procrastination has made my life incredibly stressful and difficult for a day, or led to consumption of stupid amounts of stimulants to keep me going through a night of work. DONT LET PROCRASTINATION KEEP YOU DOWN. There are a ton of resources out there to help you conquer your worst enemy; now it’s time to realize that procrastination is not something you should tolerate of yourself and eliminate it from your life. If you don’t do it yourself, your colleagues and superiors will through reprimands and voiced disappointment. Procrastination is a real and present danger to any intern trying to make something out of his/her internship. Check out the presentation below found via 28 Creative PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Designs.



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Spicing up a presentation with Flickr

Flickr is not only a great resource for photographers publishing their work, but also for the people on the other end- me and you.  The media hub is a great source for quality photography on a huge variety of subjects, useful for anything from presentations and blog posts to finding stock photography for a graphics project.

This is especially relevant for us college-going interns, who have to complete a seemingly neverending stream of presentations for work and school. Separate yourself from your coworkers and other students by finding quality photography that is not just from Google Images Search. Trust me, your audience will thank you. Check out my Flickr Photostream here.

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After reading about at Stayin’ Alive, I decided to take a closer look for myself. What I found was an interesting platform that draws content from your Facebook profile to populate variously themed webpages. With a few modifications, modules such as Like buttons, streaming update boxes, and various other Facebook typical interfaces can be integrated into existing webpages. Essentially, this turns a website into a Facebook page, and can now be liked and interacted with as such

The homepage of faceboom-me. Watch the traffic on this URL skyrocket.

This development is going to see huge use with companies frustrated with the limited capabilities of the Facebook Pages platform.

What do you think is going to happen once hits the web as a full release?


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