Impress your employer- With Posterous

With the huge quantity of online content available to enrich and educate employees in every imaginable field, it can be hard to keep track of the gems that make their way around an office email list. Digging through an overstuffed deleted mail folder is not only tedious, but the content is stuck there and will likely never reach successive generations of employees. A quick way to easily solve a problem nagging managers at nearly every company, namely knowledge archiving, comes from a simple online blogging tool.

Enter Posterous to save the day. This nifty blogging service allows members to email blog posts instead of having to log on to a publishing dashboard or UI. Archiving a useful link, article, or information tidbit is as easy as a quick email to Posterous. Entries can be tagged according to content and can then be searched for at a later date. New interns or employees can quickly browse through and read the blogs content to get up to speed on the latest office discussion topics and see how it has evolved. This system is a quick, modern solution to an ages old problem thats absolutely free! Time to try it for yourself, let me know in the comments how it works out for you

Thanks to @mikeschwede at @orange8 for the idea behind this clever use of Posterous.


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