Don’t let procrastination keep you down

I can’t tell you how many times procrastination has made my life incredibly stressful and difficult for a day, or led to consumption of stupid amounts of stimulants to keep me going through a night of work. DONT LET PROCRASTINATION KEEP YOU DOWN. There are a ton of resources out there to help you conquer your worst enemy; now it’s time to realize that procrastination is not something you should tolerate of yourself and eliminate it from your life. If you don’t do it yourself, your colleagues and superiors will through reprimands and voiced disappointment. Procrastination is a real and present danger to any intern trying to make something out of his/her internship. Check out the presentation below found via 28 Creative PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Designs.



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Spicing up a presentation with Flickr

Flickr is not only a great resource for photographers publishing their work, but also for the people on the other end- me and you.  The media hub is a great source for quality photography on a huge variety of subjects, useful for anything from presentations and blog posts to finding stock photography for a graphics project.

This is especially relevant for us college-going interns, who have to complete a seemingly neverending stream of presentations for work and school. Separate yourself from your coworkers and other students by finding quality photography that is not just from Google Images Search. Trust me, your audience will thank you. Check out my Flickr Photostream here.

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After reading about at Stayin’ Alive, I decided to take a closer look for myself. What I found was an interesting platform that draws content from your Facebook profile to populate variously themed webpages. With a few modifications, modules such as Like buttons, streaming update boxes, and various other Facebook typical interfaces can be integrated into existing webpages. Essentially, this turns a website into a Facebook page, and can now be liked and interacted with as such

The homepage of faceboom-me. Watch the traffic on this URL skyrocket.

This development is going to see huge use with companies frustrated with the limited capabilities of the Facebook Pages platform.

What do you think is going to happen once hits the web as a full release?


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Interns, Start Your Research with Slideshare

The Problem.

Be it writing a paper for school, building a presentation for a class, or researching a topic for a project at work, a good research strategy is necessary to find good information fast. Luckily we don’t have to flip through a twenty volume collection of encyclopedias, but even internet research can take a while to find the right quality and quantity of relevant info.

Enter Slideshare.

Slideshare is a social platform for sharing presentations on various topics. The beauty of the site is that you can browse a variety of shared presentations and compile your own to suit the specific scope of your project. Topics like social media, SEO, and tutorials/lessons are common topics with a ton of material.

Slideshare is also a great tool to build your personal brand. If you have something to say about a topic or have put together a presentation you are particularly proud of, post it on Slideshare! The presentation can be embedded in blogs and social media platforms, and are safely stored online for later use. Check out Slideshare’s Blog for the latest updates and use examples and scroll through the presentation for an overview of Slideshare.

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Home Officing- First experiences

I was recently assigned several projects that involve a good deal of online research and presentation building. I think I’m not alone having considered what an experience working from home would be like, and I decided to try it. With freelance/consulting work potentially being in my future, this has been a great preview of what the next 30 years of my life could look like.

The Pros are plentiful. I really enjoyed working from home and got a surprisingly large amount of work done. I was able to listen to the music I wanted, as loud as I wanted. I was able to eat when I wanted, where I wanted, what I wanted, and with whom I wanted. I took relaxing breaks doing whatever, whenever I wanted. I was able to focus in on my work without constant interruptions from coworkers. I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather. I was productive on the job as well as with my personal affairs. I was happy.

The Cons are few, but they are there. I think I might have overeaten from my fridge full of food. I spent too much time on my break activities. I worked late into the evening due to my extended break periods. My posture suffered from lounging around on the couch all day.

Overall, I definitely reccomend giving the homeoffice style a shot. It’s been really great for me, and the more I work at home, the better I will become at controlling the distractions it offers. You feel much more motivated and comfortable in your own home, and you can get work done at your own pace.

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First 10 Posts!

Big day today. My blog has accumulated 10 posts, quite a collection for this young blogger and an exciting step and motivator to continue posting. Expect a spree of content in the next weeks, but in the meantime, check outmy first 10 posts listed below.

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Interviewing- 5 Rules for Prepping Your Personal Pitch

Getting a good internship is all about the prep work, and there’s a reason work is in bold. Before you spam various big name organizations with copy paste versions of your resume and cover letter, think a little about what that says about you as a worker. Copy paste workers are a dime a dozen. Your prospective employee could just as easily outsource the workinternationally and probably receive the same quality he could expect from you. Follow a few simple rules to make yourself infinitely more attractive from the start

Show interest by knowing a little bit about the company you’re visiting. You don’t have to recite their quarterly reports or memorize the company’s mission statement, but knowing about recent news exposure and its impact on the company shows you really want to work at this place.

Show initiative by coming to your interview prepared with ideas that relate to the position you’re applying for. Be prepared to sketch out how you would implement this idea, and if you get in over your head, say you would be excited to further explore the idea as an employee of the company.

Show examples of your previous work, even if it is not 100% related to the job. Any physical example of good work is infinitely better than leaving the emloyee with a simple resume that will get lost in their stack of applications. A nice little bundle of examples will physically make your resume stand out (think magazine in a pile of printer paper) and make a far better impression.

Show self awareness by answering questions straight and to the point. Embellishments are fine, but make sure you don’t dance your waz around a question in what you think is a clever trick of conversation. The people interviewing you will see right through your bull and you can expect to have a short interview if you maintain this position throughout an interview.

Stay humble under all circumstances. The last thing you want to do is give your potential employer the impression that you think you’re the ultimate employee. ALL interns have adjustment/learning periods and can’t possibly expect to do a job the way someone who’s worked even just a year in the field could. Share your excitement about learning and go from there.

Interviewing is not difficult, it’s all about pitching yourself in the best light possible while maintaining perspective on who you are and what your are capable of. Show excitement, interest, and your capabilities and you’ll be golden.

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